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Whether you're new to the team or just need a refresh, please find some helpful links below.

Swimmer Raised Hand

Raise your hand if you believe swimming is worth paying for!

Wheat Ridge Piranha State Qualifier

See if your swimmer qualifies for league or state meets

Healthy Food

Good nutrition is critical for all athletes. This is a guide specifically for young swimmers.

Two Wheat Ridge Piranha Parent Volunteers

In addition to swimmer fees, the team relies on parent volunteers to help our team run. 

Wheat Ridge Piranha Swimmers off the block

Expectations at swim meets, what to bring, and what type of events 

Swimming Goggles

What does it take to be a Wheat Ridge Piranha?

Wheat Ridge Piranha Team Spirit - Swimmers High Fiving

Scholarships may be available through the Kyle Brake Scholarship


Know who to go to 

for any of your 

questions or concerns

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